Spring/Summer events at FAS

Posted: March 30, 2017 by Sue Taves in News


Whidbey Island, Washington, Saturday April 22, 2017
The town of Freeland will hold a Grand Opening unveiling of a permanent New Outdoor Sculpture Garden to celebrate International Sculpture Day. The unveiling will take place at the Freeland Art Studios located at 1660 Roberta Ave, Freeland, WA on Saturday, April 22nd at 11am. The general public is invited to join in the planned celebration. The studios will host sculpting demonstrations while participants chat with masters-of-their-mediums in working studios beginning at 10:15am and will continue throughout the weekend. The Artisans produce original works of art in stone, bronze, metals, clay, glass, mixed media, and water in motion.

Within 3 miles from the center of Freeland stands Cloudstone Sculpture Preserve. Fifteen acres of sculptor Hank Nelson’s work will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23. It is a must-see to believe. It contains a kaleidoscope of over 200 sculptures ranging from giant steel fabrications and acre-size earth works, to sinuous granite, marble, and lapis lazuli carvings. There are hundreds of carved granite sculptures including monumental Dakota Mahogany granite monoliths—some over eight feet high and weighing over 24,000 pounds. A gallery on the preserve houses sculptures of bronze and other materials that are available for purchase. A walking tour of the preserve allows the visitor to forge a unique connection with the sculpture, nature, and the artist.

“Village by the Sea”, the city of Langley proclaims Saturday, April 22 International Sculpture Day. International Sculpture Day is a world-wide celebration involving hundreds of artists, organizations and institutions in over 20 countries championing sculpture and is annually observed on or around April 24. An awards ceremony in Langley will recognize the body of works by internationally recognized sculpture artist, Georgia Gerber for her contribution to our communities in support of public art, arts organizations and service organizations. A guided tour of Langley public art will follow the ceremony.

Sculpture Northwest, a non-profit arts organization is a proud sponsor of a bus tour originating in Bellingham, making stops in Skagit and Island Counties to collect passengers interested in a full day of discovering other worlds in their own backyard.

For more information, travel directions and Day Tour information visit: www.sculpturenorthwest.org.


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