About FAS

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FAS (Freeland Art Studios) is a group of twelve working Whidbey Island artists from various disciplines who can be found in one location in Freeland. United by shared workspace and a passion to create, we are stone sculptors, tile makers, painters, potters, fabricators of water features, and monument makers.


We produce original works of art in stone, bronze, metals, clay, glass, mixed media, and water in motion. At our studios you will find fine art sculpture for in or  outdoors, tile, clay portraiture, custom designs in tile… all in a working environment. If you’re curious about how art is conceived, planned and executed, come on by and visit with us.


Sue Taves: www.SueTavesSculpture.com
Lloyd Whannell: www.FineArtBuilders.com
Lane Tompkins: www.LaneTompkins.com
Penelope Crittenden: www.CrittendenSculpture.com
Charles LaFond: https://charles-lafond.com
Carol Rose Dean: www.DeanTile.com
Woody Morris
Matt Monforte: https://www.mattmonforte.com
Gail Liston
Tom Lindsay


 Freeland Art Studios Annual Open House is 11-4 on Saturday, June 5. 


Located in Freeland. From Hwy 525, 1 block south of the Freeland stoplight turn north onto Harbor Ave. Turn left immediately onto Roberta Ave between Whidbey Island Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. Drive straight ahead past WAIF toward the big open doors with our sign.

  1. Lewis says:

    We recently opened a gallery across from the Seattle Art Museum. Our
    focus will be on featuring local NW artist. If this is something you
    would be interested in please contact us.

  2. declantravis says:

    Hey what are you guys up to? I’d like to have a look around for original gift ideas.

  3. Lanny Bergner says:

    I want to let you know about a new outdoor sculpture program being administered by the Anacortes Arts Commission and Parks and Recreation. The “Madrona Grove Sculpture Exhibition” will feature twelve sculptures selected through an open juried competition. The deadline for entry is February 13, 2017. A prospectus can be found on the Art Commission website at: http://www.anacortesartscommission.com/

    Thank you.
    Lanny Bergner
    Anacortes Arts Commission exhibition chairperson

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